Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rock On!!

Ladies, I have a confession... I have been cheating on my husband (the Cricut) with my new boyfriend (the Cameo) My husband (the Cricut) has threatend to leave (stop working) unless I at least revisit our realtionship (make a card with the Cricut) to see if we can still be married!! lol!! So tonite I gave my hubby (my Cricut) a little time!!
Cart used: Formal Occassion, I made this card for one of my youtube friends who does Cricut videos!!! Tfl!!
Sentiment: Pink Stamper stamps
Face: Peachy Keen Retro face assortment
card base: 6x6


Jovan said...

Super cute card! It seems hard to every use the cricut again after getting a Cameo.

Teen Queen said...

LOL! Way to go Alice. Nice card. There is enough scrappy love for both machines.

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Alice! Love your card, great job on the cricut. Seems I know the feeling these days because I haven't been on any of my "guys" in a while ago -- hope they work... lol!!!

As aways, I'm never disappointed when I visit you, my friend -- and thanks for the chuckle; guess I have to go "cozy" up to my "fellas" to see if they still love me... lol!

Rosie said...

super cool card

WrinkleFreeDiva said...

You are too funny with your cheatin' self! Love the card!

Kate said...

Cute, love the color too of course since it's my favorite.