Monday, July 19, 2010

be careful on stairs!!! lol!

Hi everyone, hope all had a great weekend!!! This weekend for me was quite interesting.... i fell down the bottom flight of stairs, i just could not believe it, i swear it was the flip flops i had on... anyway my ex- husbands wife bought me this card ( she is not a scrapbooker) and all the kids, her, and ex hubby signed it wishing me a speedy recovery because i could not attend church yesterday due to my knee killing me! lol! I am fine now, just a little sore. i just thought that was a nice thing for her to do and wanted to share! here is the card!

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2 Ducky said...

That was nice of her! - Sorry to hear you fell though. I am glad you were not injured too badly. Just enough to let you call in sick right? Then you could relax the day away watching HSN and order more crafting goodies. ;0)
(now I am thinking it wasn't the flip flops at all, but a carefully executed performance.) Girl, I could learn from you. Call me, we'll chat. LOL! Seriously though, take care of yourself!!!