Thursday, July 8, 2010

just checking in!!!

Hi everyone!!! hope all is well with you!!! i was just checking in and saw we have some new followers!!!! I want to give you a big WELCOME!! I will be posting something later, right now it is soooooo HOT!! Our summer just began on july 5th, and boy did it come with a bang!!! before the 5th our daily highs had been between 60-65 degrees, on the 5th we jumped to the mid 80's and today we should hit 100! Have a great day everyone and i will be posting a card later on today!

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Pink Cricut Mom said...

Hello my friend! I missed you! I'm so glad to have found you once again!! I love all your work and still want you to help me paint my bug oneday!! I met with Island V oneday and I have to say, everyone on SST is an enabeler!! :O)

Stay cool my friend!! :O)
Pink Cricut Mom