Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love Ikea

Hello everyone!
Happy wednesday to you! Yesterday me and hubby went to Ikea, I had been wanting to go there since it opened over a year ago, but never did it untill yesterday!!! Anyhow i was watching a video by logans crafty momma on utube and she mentioned she got this desk from Ikea... so yesterday when i was there i said, let me check out desks... so when we were in the desk section (its called something else) i saw the desk logans crafty momma has, and i liked it more in person than on video, and my wonderful hubby said he would buy it if i wanted it... so we got it and he put it together for me and i love it... here are a few pic of it! Tfl!!!

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Love That Bug said...

I love your new desk. I wish you nothing but crafty happiness there.
I am now a follower too